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Studio Update Pt. II

Words by Dom.

5. Aaaaah beautiful Chang. As we were heading to Japan straight after recording we thought we should indulge in an Asian beer. Unfortunately we couldn’t afford a Japanese beer like Asahi or Kirin, so we had to settle on Chang. I think it was like 30 bucks a Carton, and tasted accordingly. And yes, Kevin was terrible at washing his tea / soup cups.

6. View from the roof / master bedroom. Pretty self explanatory.

7. Our engineer Tim didn’t arrive from the UK until two weeks into our stint down south so it was just Kevin and myself for the first 14 days. As a result, we just plonked down the drum kit / all the gear in pretty much in the first place we could find without any consideration for practicality. I think Tim nearly had a heart attack when he first walked in the house and saw how we had set up.

8. This photo isn’t anywhere near as posed as it looks. Kevin actually did spent most of his day standing on the balcony with his guitar. The telescope pictured was used almost daily for whale spotting.

Studio Update

For the months of June and July, Tame Impala left their hometown of Perth and decamped 3 hours south to a rugged patch of wilderness out of Margaret River called Injidup. It was here, on a plot of land with a history rich in local folklore, in a labrynth-like structure that resembles something between a treehouse, a shed and a castle, that Tame Impala recorded their forthcoming, as yet untitled debut album. The control room was set up with 180 degree views overlooking the expansive Indian Ocean, and parts were recorded all over the house, including on the balcony while the Fremantle Doctor hammered home.

Fueled by several cases of beer and with a ticket to ride down the highway of their own imaginations, Tame Impala set about making what is set to be one hell of a mindboggling trip of a record.The results of their geographical, mental and emotional trip down to Injidup will emerge soon, and for now you’re invited to take a personal trip into the process behind the record with some images and stories behind them with the band….

Further evidence will be on special display on the Sundown Syndrome tour across the country throughout September and October.

Here’s some commentary from Dom…

1. Kevin didn’t shave his beard for the whole 2 months we were down south. Theres a strong rumour floating around that the beard is now buried in the garden at the property.

2. I think Jay’s reading a girls magazine, possibly Marie Claire or Cosmo, that came from a pile we found downstairs. Kevin in typical pose bent over the recording console.

3. Taken as part of a photo shoot we did. That pond had family of frogs who would keep us up all night because they wouldn’t shut up. By the end we had learned how to communicate with them and are now fluent in the language of frog.

4. Taken behind the house, again as part of the photo shoot. The house sits on top of the cliff thing. It was a common fear that the house would blow over and fall down the cliff during a storm.

Sundown / Remember Me release & Album Update

Firstly, the 7″ Vinyl of Sundown Syndrome and Remember Me is finally released next week. Yay. You can pre-order it here.

Both songs will be up on Itunes shortly aswell, along with the Canyons remix of Sundown Syndrome which is definately worth checking out.

Now, as you may know, we have spent the last month in an isolated house about 4 hours south of Perth working on our debut album. We’re probably about 60-70% through the tracking of the album. We’re currently in the middle of a week off from recording and are heading back down in a couple of days to finish the album before heading to Japan in a few weeks. We obviously don’t want to give too much away but we’re pretty excited about what has been produced thus far.

Hope everyone has been well. We can’t wait to start playing shows again, and play you all some new songs. Speaking of which, there should be some sort of announcement along those lines in the coming weeks…..

Greenfest / Winter Hibernation

Firstly thanks to everyone who came and saw us at Greenfest in Brisbane last week. Especially those of you who came and saw us on more than one day. Anyway the weekend was lots of fun. Perhaps too much fun seeing how we managed to miss our flight home on Monday morning…

Tommorow we are heading down south to begin recording our album. So for the next 2 months we are going to be living in a massive shack on the beach recording away. It shall be awesome. Over the last weeks we have been plotting out what’s going on the album and it’s all getting pretty exciting.

I’m not sure what the deal with internet is down there but I’ll try and post some updates over the course of our recording….

Recording “Sundown Syndrome”

So you may know that we went to the UK in March to play a few shows. Anyway, we managed to find a couple of days in our schedule to record a couple of tracks in a studio. Mainly just to try something different, as most of Tame Impala’s recording is done at home on Kevin’s little 8 track.

We recorded at a place called Toerag studios with recording engineer extraordinaire / absolute fiend for drinking tea / Liam Watson.

The studio itself is prettttttty insane. Filled to the wall with all these awesome 60’s amps and other fun toys. I’m pretty sure Kevin had a permanent boner while we were there. Anyway, here are a few photos…

Control room

More control room….

The greatest bass amp known to man. Oh selmer….

Toerags resident cat, who kept me company during the many times I managed to lock myself out of the studio in the cold London air….

Other brief highlights of the trip..

Meeting Noel Fielding…

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Random London Photos…


Nick outside BBC radio…

Brick Lane Markets…

Sorry about the crap quality photos. We did have a photographer/band mascot, Sav, who took some awesome photos of the trip, however he’s currently floating around Scotland or some such place unknown to us. So when he returns there will be some better photos.

You can listen to Sundown Syndrome on our myspace now.

Free Melbourne Show this Sunday!

We’ve had a few people asking what the deal is with this Triple J Live at the Wireless show. Wellllll…

The show is totally free, however I’m pretty sure there are no pre-sales so you may have to get there early to ensure that you can get in. Doors are at 8, Sunday May 17, and it’s at the Toff in Town, Swanston st. Oh, and Oh Mercy are also playing!

Unfortunately the show is 18+ (so everyone under 18 is going to have bring a fake ID).

Look forward to seeing you all there! Shall be fun…

Missing Thong

so buttface Kevin decided it would be a splendid idea to throw one of my thongs into the crowd at Groovin the Moo in Townsville on Saturday, causing an immeasurable amount of distress and anguish on my behalf.

If any of you Townsville folk found my thong on the weekend, please send it to Modular or something.


Tame Impala Coming to Byron Bay

I might as well put it out there that we’re probably not doing Splendour, so don’t be all like “oh hmmmm nah can’t be fucked going out tonight, I’ll just catch them at Splendour, seeing as those Tame Impala fuckers are such festival whores and such”.

Oh, and don’t believe that thing to the left that says we have no shows planned. We definitely do. It’s just that I really can’t be arsed typing them all into this fancy website thing. So look on the myspace for our shows. Cool thanks.

Hole in the Sky Vinyl Repressed, Limited Run

So apparently Leo and Ryan at Hole in the Sky havent slept in months due to people constantly harrassing them about the sold out H.I.T.S Vinyl. They’ve decided to put an end to it and have done a limited repressing of the vinyl.

Only a small number of copies have been done so if you want one you should get on to it.

The easiest place to pick up a copy online would probably be Spank Records

For more info on the Vinyl… um, I dunno, there should be something about it on the releases page to the left maybe… or check out Hole in the Sky’s website.

Please Help Us Win Lots of WAMIs


The annual WAMI award nominees were announced last night. Me and our manager Jodie went in hope that there would be free booze. However, somehow we left the night with 10 nominations.

It would be super tits if everyone could vote for us in the following categories. All you have to do to vote is give your email. I promise they won’t keep sending you annoying shit after you vote. It’s just to make sure people aren’t super naught and keep pressing the vote button after they;ve already voted.

Most Popular Act
Most Popular Live Act
Most Popular Music Video
Favourite Newcomer
Most Popular Single/EP

We were also nominated for the following industry voted categories

Most Promising New Act
Best Rock Act
Best Bassist
Best Male Vocalist
Best Drummer
And our manager Jodie got nominated for the management award. YAY!

thankyou muchly
Love Tame Impala

French Guy

An email our manager just received:

From: Christopher ****** <*****************>
Date: 8 April 2009 3:40:02 AM
To: <********>
Hi, i’m a french guy.
I like tame impala song so much, it’s awesome song!
And i wanna know if its possible to know some part/tab of guitar ? To brain wave, just for me, take inspiration.
Thanks for any anwser.

Discutez sur Messenger où que vous soyez ! Mettez Messenger sur votre mobile !

I’ll assume he’s talking about Half Full. Here you go Chris, enjoy your brain wave!!

Half Full Glass of Wine Tab </a

If anyone wants the rest of the song, just let me know and I’ll finish it. Dom

Mystery Virus Wipes Out Perth V Fest


Once infected, the victim will feel a bit funny around 10 minutes prior to the enslaught. After the onset, the victim will proceed to throw up the entire contents of their stomach. After the initial vomit, the infected will be unable to keep down any liquid/solid without it being rejected by the body for a period of several hours.  Other symptoms include a fever, dehydration and a general feeling of complete shitness.


Unknown at this point. Early suspects include:

– Dodgy plane food. A majority of the victims were on the same early morning Melbourne to Perth flight.

– A Big Day Out spy, who was spottted backstage at the festival, in an attempt to sabotage the V festival.

Also worth mentioning, is the high incidence of the virus to people who’s name begin with the letter J. (Juanita from the Howling Bells, watch out!)

The virus is highly contagious.

Known Victims

The following is a list of known victims infected by the virus. If you see any of the following people in the next few days, I suggest you run like a motherfucker.

In chronological order of infection:

Jimbo (Tame Impalas world renowed sound guy)

Leo (One half of the Canyons)

Joel (Wolf & Cub)

Jay (Tame Impala)

Jodie (Tame Impala manager, Mintest lady on earth)

Johnny (Children Collide)

Dom (Tame Impala)